Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 begins with a heavenly celebration!!

I can hardley believe it has been seven years since we started this blog and many things have changed over the years. We, I, have not been as faithful and writing to you about things and events over the years. So I am hoping to commit to getting back to writing to entertain, inform and hopefully enrich your day. As we wrap up another Christmas season and yes another year I can't believe a new year is already here. 
Our precious Sophie, who is already 6, has made the new year a time to celebrate. The angels in heaven celebrate as she asked The Lord Jesus into her little heart. She was so excited to finally make the decision and already asking for her own bible, in pink of course. She has such a big heart and I pray the Lord will do great things in and through her. I thank God for the opportunity to help her in this decision. We love her so very much.  Oh and in other news on Sophie, she lost another tooth yesterday and it was her first top tooth. She has been working at it for three days and finally got it out, she was so excited. She has already figured out that the tooth fairy might not be real and asked if she could "just have  a dollar!" She is funny little girl. 
In other news of new beginnings, after almost two years of waiting and working two jobs, I have been offered a full time position with TSA at the airport!! Praise The Lord. It means one job, a more steady schedule and more money and it came at the perfect time. The Lords timing is perfect and we can easily lose sight of that. I look forward to where we go from here. 
We are ready for a new year and all it has to offer. I hope to spend more time with you here. I leave you with that for tonight and thans for stopping by. 

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